Safe Skincare While Breastfeeding

Safe Skin care While Breastfeeding

Postpartum skincare and breastfeeding at home is a need of every mother. However, not all women know how to have a rosy, smooth skin like “a girl’s time”. For caring for you after childbirth, you may find it difficult at the initial stages.

You must keep an eye even in choosing a moisturizer for your skincare. So as women, it is easy for you to choose a cosmetic or beauty product. Once you become a mother as u breastfeed any cosmetic you apply on you will affect your baby. As a mother, your day-to-day routine uses to change from rising to set.

So here we give some useful tips for your skincare by choosing a moisturizer for breastfeeding moms. Thus will keep your body healthy and your baby safe. Thus not worry about skin infections. Here is how to brighten the entire body for mothers after childbirth and when breastfeeding.

Why need skincare after childbirth and when breastfeeding?

The skin of mothers after childbirth and breastfeeding is usually thin and very susceptible to damage. It is a relatively ideal period for skincare and regeneration. Therefore, after the journey “through the land”, every mother must be very careful in using cosmetics. Thus should be careful even in applying beauty products.

The “revamping” of the beauty of postpartum women and breastfeeding will start from washing the face, using toner lotion. We consider it the “heroes” to help women’s skin more healthy and smooth. Also, women should pay attention to exfoliate the skin with natural cosmetics so that the skin is even, bright white.

The entire skin of women after giving birth and while breastfeeding also needs special care. According to experts, every night after bathing, mothers should use body lotion and gentle massage. It will remove melasma, stretch marks in the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. If possible, buy postpartum skin creams and while breastfeeding to have a firm, elastic skin.

Safe Skincare While Breastfeeding

Basic principles of skincare

An overview – After childbirth and while breastfeeding

The “work” of skincare after childbirth and while breastfeeding will start with a gentle massage and daily skincare. We give a few basic principles in mind as follows.

Always clean the skin

Mothers will not have deep sleep for many nights/days while taking care of their babies. Overnight staying awake will make mothers dehydrate, get acne, and hyperpigmentation on the skin leading to dark spots and wrinkles.

To overcome this situation, after childbirth and while breastfeeding mothers should choose a cleanser with natural ingredients. Some of them are aloe vera cleanser, chamomile cleanser, and rice cleanser.

Pay attention to moisturizing the face and body

Many mothers have subjectively thought the moisturizing stage is not important. But in fact, this is a step to help the skin of mothers after childbirth and when breastfeeding. So it becomes smooth and rosy. There are moisturizers for breastfeeding moms, which is natural. For best results, use moisturizers while breastfeeding every day. Or you can refer to to learn more and choose the best cosmetics to use during this breastfeeding period.

If possible, mothers can also use additional serums with Vitamin E and C to moisturize deep inside the skin. Antibiotic-free, natural-derived lotions are products recommended by skin experts after childbirth and while breastfeeding.

Massage facial skin

Gently massage with serums will help mothers after childbirth and when breastfeeding. Thus regains elasticity and smoothness for the skin. The gentle massage will help blood vessels under the skin to circulate smoothly to prevent the formation of wrinkles.

Some facial massage movements that mothers after childbirth and when breastfeeding are:

  • Use your fingers to massage the face in a spiral shape from the chin => cheeks => the wing and nose => the tail of the eye => the forehead. Repeat several times for the best results.
  • Place two middle fingers against the base of the nose. Then, press and massage this point gently and then slowly move 2 fingers up close to the eye. This is an action that both relieves stress and removes wrinkles in this sensitive area.
  • Place 2 fingers on the top of the corner of the eye and then drag both hands toward the corner of the eye. Repeat this movement many times. It will make your skin smooth, thus avoid wrinkles for mothers after birth and effective breastfeeding.

Also, when going out, you need to apply sunscreen to protect your skin against the harmful effects of UV rays.

Careful when choosing cosmetics

As mentioned above, 6 months after childbirth and when breastfeeding, the mother’s skin will be sensitive. Using unsafe cosmetics unsafely will easily cause sensitization and allergies for both mothers and babies. Cosmetics also somewhat have a significant impact on the deliciousness and quality of breast milk. It affects the development of the baby in the first months of life!

Therefore, during the time of breastfeeding, mothers should prioritize the use of safe cosmetics, with natural extracts, in ingredients that do not contain Parabens. In particular, mothers should avoid cosmetics containing Salicylic acid and Retinoids. We can safely use products containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids. List of ways to take care of skin after childbirth and when breastfeeding.

Women’s facial skin is an area that needs special care because it is a relatively sensitive area. We refer to some methods to nourish the skin after childbirth and while breastfeeding. These will bring back smooth skin after giving birth and while breastfeeding.

Safe Skincare While Breastfeeding

How to care for the face after childbirth and while breastfeeding?

After childbirth, use a steam bath

Steam bath has long been a favorite beauty measure for many women. Because it works to shrink pores, helping the skin become clear and destroy sebum.

Mechanism of beautifying skin by the steam method: Steaming will help blood vessels to expand. Therefore will increase circulation and moisture the skin effectively. After a steam bath, your skin will surely absorb nutrients effectively to become smoother and shinier.

Beautifying the skin after giving birth and while breastfeeding

According to skincare experts, breastmilk not only provides essential nutrients for the baby. It is also an excellent postpartum and breastfeeding whitening cream for mothers. Breast milk also contains an enormous amount of beneficial vitamins and minerals. It nourishes the skin from the inside and becomes smoother.

Wear natural masks

Using natural masks helps to keep skin healthy from deep inside and becomes more rosy and radiant. Mothers can use the ingredients available in their kitchen to have healthy skin. For example, some following formulas:

  • Fresh turmeric/turmeric starch + Honey + Egg yolk + Lemon juice.
  • Rice bran + Egg white + Honey.
  • Fresh milk without sugar + Lemon juice.
  • Red bean powder + Unsweetened fresh milk or warm water.

Skincare helps reduce pigmentation and  freckles

During pregnancy, the mother’s body will undergo hormonal changes that form melasma. They disappear after childbirth. Therefore, the best way to limit these dark spots is to limit sun exposure by using a wide-brimmed hat, mask, and sunglasses.

As for large bruises, mothers should consult a dermatologist for prompt treatment and advice. However, mothers should pay attention to treat only melasma after weaning to ensure the health of your baby!


In the market, there are so many products like cleansers and moisturizers for the skincare of breastfeeding moms. Before choosing a moisturizer for breastfeeding moms, you must check the primary ingredients used some of which are safe. So it will not harm and makes your skin healthy along with your baby. It is better to use natural organic cosmetics by the time of breastfeeding rather than preferring chemical cosmetics unsafe for your skin and your baby.