How to Choose a Crib Mattress

Baby cot mattress helps children in your family to have a good sleep, smooth, comfortable for the best growth. To choose a good, good crib mattress, please refer to some specific information in the following article.

For children, sleep is very important and necessary for comprehensive development. Certainly, this is also a problem that mothers are interested in and find out. For those parents who have a lot of experience in caring for young children, it is not difficult to choose a baby crib mattress for baby cot.

However, many people have their first baby, the choice of the cot for your baby is more difficult. Some of the information below is a good experience to help choose a baby crib to have the best choice for your baby. Let’s find out more information below.

The material of baby cot

According to experts, the material issue is the first thing parents should pay attention to. For children and the spinal cord is not fully developed, the use of too hard or too soft material will adversely affect the development of the child.

In particular, the preferred and appropriate material used today is pressed cotton. The composition is laminated cotton fibers, which helps the cushion to have a reasonable and reasonable elasticity. Because of the properties of the cotton fibers are maintained at their original size, thus limiting the sun subsidence for a long time.

According to the assessment, the padding product can overcome the disadvantages of spring and rubber cushion samples to reduce the feeling of floating and subsidence too much. If the child lies on these cushions for a long time, the spine will be vulnerable to sagging as well as the feeling of floating to help reduce insomnia, sleep deprivation.

An additional advantage of the half of the pressed cotton mattress is its ventilation. They are made from laminated cotton fibers. Between the fibers, there are air holes which can help the air to circulate better. It is this problem that helps to reduce the uncomfortable secret feeling and back sweating common in young children. Cotton is a very good heat retaining material so it will not lose heat when it is cold.

Due to these advantages, padding material is chosen by many people to place in their cribs.

Choose a suitable thickness of the cushion

Like the bed cushions, baby cot also has many different thicknesses for parents to have the best choice. The common thickness of this line is now 5cm, 9cm, 15cm, 18cm. For cribs, babies are designed mostly with the height of the bars so that they cannot climb out to be dangerous. If you choose a too high mattress can seriously affect the safety side of the crib. If it is too low, it does not guarantee heat retention for children.

Experts said that parents who have young children, the choice of cushion thickness of about 9cm is the most reasonable. This thickness will ensure the best elasticity of the cushion as well as not too high or too low appropriate for the spine of young children.

Size of the cushion

Parents are also wondering how to choose the size of the cushion. But you are not too worried about this problem because the size is not too difficult.

Usually, parents will choose a crib for their child first then will choose cushion placed in the crib later. In this case, you just need to get the exact size of the baby crib. Next, go to the buffer store you are going to purchase and state the type of cushion size you want to get the most appropriate size.

Reputable cushion distribution addresses, they will give you genuine and quality cushions with the most suitable size. Should consult carefully information to lead to the best choice for you.

Choose a reliable brand cushion

On the market today, there are many brands of mattresses being sold. Besides the prestigious brands, there are many fake brands and unknown origins. The form is quite similar to reputable brands, but the inside material is not clear and causes health effects for your baby’s family.

In case you have not chosen a reputable and genuine brand, you can refer to the Everon brand crib cushion. According to information, this is one of the prestigious brands that are loved and trusted by domestic and foreign consumers.

Everon crib cushion products are also many parents who choose and trust absolutely. Even cushions for cribs are manufactured by modern professional lines. The materials are of clear origin, ensuring health for users especially for young children.

Choose a crib cushion with a reasonable price

The price is also something that parents should be concerned about, to be able to choose a cot model with a reasonable price, you can refer to reputable and genuine sales addresses that many people are interested in. understand. When the price is reasonable, customers can order directly via the website or directly to a reasonable location to be able to buy your baby the best cushion for you.

Note that the buffer price will not be too different, so with agents who quote too cheap compared to the common ground, you should consider the quality of products …

Some of the above information is some experience to help parents wonder about choosing their best suitable and quality cot. In case you are still wondering, you can contact directly to reputable cushion sales addresses to get the best advice.