1color crush

color crush

Inspired by a recent nail polish and lipstick purchase, I find myself oddly thinking of Pepto Bismol when I see this color (insert ‘MOM’ comment here). I’m not much of a ‘Barbie’ pink girl, so embracing this adorable hue in other fashion outlets such as accessories and beauty products is the way I’m going this summer. The word ‘bubblegum’ is a bit nostalgic, reminding me of twenty-five cent gumball machines and traveling to my favorite candy store when I was younger. There’s nothing worse than being 7 and not getting the red, blue, or pink gumball because you knew those ones were the BEST. I still partake in the occasional gumball machine trip, and still get mad when I don’t receive my color of choice…..it’s a first world problem, I know.
Here are some of my favorite Pepto Bismol items :1color crush

(clockwise) A gorgeous monochromatic ensemble | Chinese Laundry Joy Ride Heels | Jason Wu Skirt | MAC Bubblegum | Chanel May | Ted Baker Handbag


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October 7, 2013