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Sunday, September 15, 2013

fall trends 2013

So incredibly excited to be writing again!!! I've taken a month long hiatus due to lots of exciting things happening in the life of Jessica Lee....

First off, I am pleased to announce an amazing career change. I have decided to join a wonderful & growing company - Free People (part of Urban Outfitters). Hands down, best career decision I have ever made and the discount isn't too bad either..... Hello new wardrobe. When one door closes, another opens, and this door is HUGE!!!!

Now, let's chat about fall fashion 2013.

The September issue is known as one of the most important issues for all fashion publications. Not only does it pave the way for what's going to be FABULOUS for the upcoming year, but it also allows us magazine hoarders to add to our collection and drool over items we can't even imagine being in our closet.... Hello Chloe` Baylee tote and Celine Chunky Rib Sweater.

While reading through my $50 worth of September issues (I know, it's ridiculous), I compiled a list of what I believe will be fabulous this fall.

#1.) PLAID PRINTS: grunge, Nirvana, and flashbacks to Beverly Hills 90210 style.
Emerson nailed it with this dress. 
Loving this plaid Suno coat paired with an embellished bottom.

#2.) FUR : faux, of course. 
Boderline DYING over this Jason Wu dress. 
Marc Jacobs. You can never go wrong when you mix hot pants with fur. 

#3.) TAPERED TROUSERS : made for comfort and style. Pair with an oversized sweater and booties... Perfection for fall.

#4.) CULTURED PRINTS : an elevated form of Brocade stemming from the 'Brocade Craze' in Fall 2012, these prints/textures are beautiful and aesthetically stimulating. 

#5.) FRINGE : need I say more? Channel your inner hippie with this 'I always want to run my fingers through it' texture. 
I need this in my life. Thank you, Blumarine for designing this.
Bottega Veneta. Stunning.

#6.) ANIMAL PRINT : as much as I do not want to embrace this, because it reminds me way too much of my younger years. There are some pretty great pieces this season in the 'Cheetah Print'.
Emilio Pucci. These boots. These shorts. Uh-mazing.

What's your favorite trend this fall??

Thanks for reading!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love your recap, Jess! Fall is hands down my favorite season for shopping (and magazines). :)



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